Welcome to JacksonsPlace.biz. We provide products made of twisted juniper and granite and we are happy to entertain customer orders and items in need of refinishing. At Jackson's Place, each individual product is unique. All of our products can be used indoors or outdoors. You can see more of them by visiting our Gallery. For more information, visit our Products & Services area.

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It took me a long time to come to Jackson's Place, from being a fourth generation commercial fisherman, with roots beginning in Anacortes, Washington, since the 1890's, to now. Personally, I have spent thirty-three years fishing in the Bering Sea and in Washington. Retiring from fishing in 2000, I continued my teaching career, which I had begun in 1992. Looking for new direction and a possible retirement adventure, I began making furniture in August of 2012, coming to believe that I actually had more artistic talent that I ever knew. Creating furniture and wooden art forms is now my passion. For more info, see our About Us page, and see Jackson's Blog.

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